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  St John the Baptist Church, Kennerleigh

  Our church welcomes EVERYONE

Date - to be confirmed

Harvest Festival!  


Date - to be confirmed

At 10:30 we will join with our sister parish of Woolfardisworthy for our
Annual Coffee Morning.  

Contributions for the stalls will be welcomed.  

Please contact Julia Miller at 01363 866860 for additional information.

A significantly high proportion of Kennerleigh parishioners form the lively and friendly Church in this place, embracing members from a wide spectrum of church traditions. The people of the Church are renowned for their warm and friendly welcome, and their readiness to offer help and hospitality to all who come to the Parish, and beyond. 

The Church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, whose festival is celebrated on Midsummer’s day each year. 

The lovely Church building has been central to the Parish and its regular worship for nearly six centuries, growing from a small chapel of ease to one of modest size suitable for our needs as a community.

It is lovingly cared for and decorated, and the churchyard is regularly maintained by teams of volunteers, the rotas for whom are on the Notice Board in the Church Porch.

Two services each month are led by members of the Church congregation, and we have a reputation for singing lustily; and quite tunefully. We are blessed with an excellent organist, and a decent organ.

Regular services are:           

1st Sunday of the month          6.30 pm Traditional Evensong

2nd    “       “   “    “                   11.15am  Parish Worship

3rd     “       “   “    “                   8.30 am   Prayer Book Eucharist

4th     “        “   “   “                  11.15 am  Family Communion   

Church Wardens:

Adrian Miller (01363 866556)

Nick Armstrong(01363 866840)


Pastoral Care Team:

Julia Miller (01363 866556)

Ken Lancaster (01363 886614)

Jenny Sale (01363 866052)

 If you need help of any kind please do get in touch with them

Details of all services and any special arrangements are always posted on the Church Notice Board and advertised in Cross Country magazine.

We currently have no full time Priest pending a new appointment, but we are very well looked after by the Rev. Kingsley Cross from Puddington (01884 860382). Kingsley will gladly answer queries concerning Christenings Weddings and Funerals as well as providing the spiritual cure of the parish in conjunction with the Rev. Su Marshall from Woolfardisworthy, who also kindly supports us during the interregnum.