Sunday 23rd August 2015

    Join us on Monday 24th August at the Village shop, please see the email below from Harriet Bradshaw:

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to say it was great to meet you all at the community shop, and sorry to have missed anyone who couldn’t make it. 

    The Simon Bates production team will be recording a live interview with Councillor Judi Binks, at about 8 on Monday morning. 

    It will be on air with BBC Radio Devon at around 0806. I flagged the story up to editors, and my TV colleagues are coming to the village at 10.30 on Monday with Emma Ruminski to cover the story for Spotlight!In the future, I’m more than happy to be contacted with any other pressing issues you feel should be covered by us. I can’t guarantee we will always run a story, but I will always try to flag it up to editors etc...

    This is my email and my mobile: 07713784188 

    Best wishes,

    Harriet Bradshaw 

    District Reporter Exeter, East and Mid Devon BBC South West